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HIVE Home Set

The hub for connecting devices in your home

HIVE Gateway

This device receives sensor data from the household functional Bluetooth transmitters and sends the information to Cloud/Platform via Wi-Fi or 4G (for SIM card). 

GW 3.png
GW 1.png
GW sssss1-01.png

All in One

The Hive Gateway device facilitates your household IoT device connections. With one single application, command via Home Assistant, and voice command from Hive Audio, you can access the information from Smart Home devices, which support Home Assistant standards, via Wi-Fi.

GW s1-01.png

HIVE Audio

This device receives data from every Smart Device and forwards it to the Gatewayto update the Heartbeat device. It also acts as a repeater to expand the signal reception area to enhance the potential of Gateway.

Audio Extender 1.png
GWsss 1-01.png

Mean for family communication and indicator of the environment in your home

The device can function as a household Intercom (telephone or radio communication system). One HIVE Gateway can connect to two HIVE Audio devices. It also measures air quality within the room where the Audio Extender is installed and allows the users to monitor their household air quality. 

GW 1ss-01.png

Keep in Touch and Feel more connected 

You can conveniently and swiftly contact your family members regardless of their locations in the home area, even if they do not have smartphones. 


Emergency mode

If the user is home alone, he or she might have an emergency or the tracked device might be alerted. 

If the emergency happens when the user is home alone

In case of tracked device alert or possible emergency case when the user is home alone, the devices will send the emergency signal to the Gateway, which emits rhythmic beeps. Consequently, the signal will be transmitted to the 24/7 Care Center and Aidery Connect Application.

iMac angle 3.jpg
24/7 Care Center

The 24-hour surveillance officers are ready to assist in any event promptly.

Aidery Connect App

In case of emergency, the Aidery Connect application, which operates 24/7, notifies the family member. 


After the notification, the surveillance officers call to inquire about the health status or symptoms of the users via Hive Audio to evaluate the situation and prepare for further assistance. 

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