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Wherever you are, your call for help will always reach us. 

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LPWAN and Bluetooth LE technology

With LPWAN and Bluetooth LE technology, the device, with advanced sensor technology and battery support, comes with transmission coverages which can expand between 2-5 km. 

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Global Positioning System (GPS)

A small and ultra-power-saving GPS determines location. It can detect the height above sea level and precisely locate the wearer. 

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Battery support

The battery can provide power for 30 days on a single charge.


Activity Monitoring

It monitors steps, calories, distance, and sleep routines. You can simply track the overall result of your activities with the Family Connect application.

Aidery Connect helps you to take good care of yourself and your family. By connecting to the HIVE Safe devices, you can monitor your family members' health measurements. With one press, the system will notify the applications you want.

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Save and Share your Health Information with your Family 

Emergency Call


It detects severe falls and notifies the Family Connect application and the 24/7 Care Center via LPWAN. The assistance will definitely be in time. 

Fall detection

Using voice commands to call for help

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) supported with μTensor can detect voices via MEMS microphone and analyze the received voice commands. 

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Push the button for help

Suitable for the elderly, the HIVE Safe device comes with a help button at the back. The notification for help will be sent by just one press. 

24/7 Care Center
The Center Operates 24 hours a Day. 

Any notifications from a button press, voice command, or fall detection will be sent to the Family Connect application to alert your family members and the 24/7 support team at the 24/7 Care Center. 

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