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HIVE Smart

Your family's health on your wrist

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LPWAN and Bluetooth 5.2 technology

With LPWAN and Bluetooth 5.2 technology, you can be reached out regardless of your location.

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Push Alert

Press the button to send a call signal or to call for help. 

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Ultra-small and energy-saving GPS

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Support Thai, English and ASEAN Languages 

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Fall detection

It can detect falls. In case of emergency, the system will alert the 24/7 Care Center and Family Connect Application to ensure your timely assistance. 

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Heart rate monitor

It can measure heart rate by having the device flash the LED lights on the skin and interpret the reflected light using a light sensor. Within just 1 minute, the user can obtain the accurate heart rate result.   

coming soon...

All Styles for All Ages 

It comes with various watch faces customized for all ages' preferences regardless of ages or lifestyles. 

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Easy family care with
Aidery Connect

Aidery Connect will help take care of your family by connecting to HIVE Smart devices. You can monitor your family members’ health measurements. With one press, the system will notify the applications you want. 

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Check the health of family members at your Fingertips.

24/7 Care Center
The Center Operates 24 hours a Day. 

The trained professionals at the 24/7 Care Center supervise and operate 24 hours a day to provide supporting assistance. The assistance will definitely arrive in time. 

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