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24/7 Care Center

Round-the-clock surveillance and emergency alert notifications

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Monitoring situations and recording events through the system

When a call for help is received, the 24/7 Care Center system determines the exact location of either a residential layout or GPS and displays detailed information about the caller to the Dashboard in the 24/7 Care Center to allow the staff to analyze and assess initial situations before effectively providing suitable assistance which is set for each level of service.

At the same time, there is also a system to record receipt of cases, inspect every incident and report incident alerts in such area so that the residents in the area can be informed of the situation happening nearby and are prepared to deal with potential risks.

Showing notification information about asking for help

Showing details and locations where people ask for help

Event audit logs

Reports of notification alerts in an area 

Receiving notifications from IoT devices

The Center receives notifications from all IoT devices which have the asking for help function linking with Kin Yu Dee Platform and other trusted brands such as Smart Wearable via 3G/4G, LoRa, and so forth.

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Supporting notifications from applications

The Center receives notifications of every distress signal from the Aidery Connect application. Signals are always sent to the Application first so that family members can be informed of the situation and provide help in time.

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If there is no response from family members, alert notifications will be to the 24/7 Care Center. A staff member from the 24/7 Care Center will always contact the whistleblower first. If there is no response from the distress signal sender, the staff will assess the situation and promptly provide appropriate assistance.

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