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Aging In Place & Wellness

The personal (exposome)

  • Personal Health Care

       Regarding personal health care for the family with elderly, one-person households, or a patient who requires a special supervision, Family Connect App can display the health measurements sent from LoRa Smart Watch and LoRa Necklace devices. The family members can monitor and check the health status of your loved ones anywhere and anytime. 

  • Emergency Assistance

       For safety and more reliable surveillance measures, the focused area is monitored using CCTV cameras and effective fall detection AI-operated systems. The service comes in line with LoRa SOS button wireless speaker assistive devices and 24/7 services from the 24/7 Care Center that operates 24 hours a day. In case of emergency, the 24/7 Care Center service unit will assist as soon as possible using ER-Operation Service that cooperates with the nearest hospital. This system is suitable for nursing homes, condominiums, or villages with a large number of elderlies. 

  • Medical Agencies Support

      This service aims to promote efficient health checkups and accurate data. The Health Kit Set will immediately store the health measurement in the Care Giver Application to reduce workload and prevent data loss. Also, the Analytics Studio Service serves as the analyzing tool for the health of the community members or service areas in order to bring about a better health care service. 

Security & Surveillance

The external (exposome)

  • Surveillance of Environmental and Property Safety

      For the areas that require a high level of security, the AI system can provide safety measures the prevent unexpected events that may happen to lives and property. The security system covers numerous areas such as parks, parking buildings, fitness centers, and swimming pools. The 24/7 service center is ready to assist 24 hours a day with the Cloud Bot to notify abnormalities or potentially threatening events in real-time. This system involves a Smart Radar Pole device that enhances environmental safety by checking the weather and particulate matter (PM 2.5) measurement reports around the service area.

  • Health Safety Surveillance

      Under the Covid-19 situation, sanitation safety measures are taken in the service areas such as hotels, schools, shopping malls, or public spaces. The Mobility Edge AI devices can be installed to monitor the entrances and exits of the people. The AI system can promote the measures of face scanning and mask-wearing scanning. Also, the Safe UVC measures are implemented to kill germs and viruses for good hygiene. 

Personalized & Precision Healthcare

Biological responses

  • DNA-based Long-term Health Care

      To promote health monitoring of convalescent patients at home and reduce the patients' hospital visits, the doctors can combine the patient's health examination results with the information from the health measurements to provide suggestions on initial treatment and general symptoms via Virtual Clinic Platform. For those with skin conditions, the clinics can employ the AI for Medical Skin Care to promote skin treatment. By choosing the appropriate diet, we can keep our bodies healthy. Finally, once you learn which food your DNA is suitable for, the choice of appropriate and healthy food is no longer difficult. 

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