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Tech Talk Series

Contributed Tech Talks NOW!


          All series are contributed by AIC (Advance Innovation Center), Faculty of Engineering, Burapha University and BDH (Bangsaen Design House). We present our experts talking about the open SDK/API and innovations especially IoT devices, Edge computing, IoT platform, AI platform and vertical services for Researchers, Developers, Mid-stream and Down-stream.


Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

We provide our Open Platform to let you enjoy and get benefit from all data from IoT devices, CCTV video frames, Activity Profiles, Health Profiles, Diet & Nutrition Profiles and DNA's Exome Profile.

IoT & Smart Electronics 

To explore and analyze the data from well-known  wearable devices, HIVE devices, Smart Home devices and various IoT devices.

AI Edge Computing

The analyzed videos from any IP Camera brands based on ONVIF support, regular images and health imaging.

IoT & AI Platform

Powerful and Open IoT and AI Platform providing the security, data privacy (PDPA), Data Analytics Studio, multi-domain supporting and much more.

Data Service APIs

Supporting for Researchers, Developers, Data Analyst, 3rd party Platforms & Applications and any Experts of various related fields.

Tech Talk Series

TechTalk Episode 1 - HIVE Safe Part I


Smart Necklace

เริ่มต้นการดึงข้อมูลเซนเซอร์จาก HIVE Safe ผ่าน command line interface เพื่อแสดงกราฟแบบ real-time