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Care Plan Service

It is a management system with a full range of health check-up services and records. The highlight is our staff can be assigned One-to-Many or Many-to-Many to monitor health changes individually or in groups for a close monitoring and send notification alerts to caregivers and related parties.

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It helps central staff to see an overview of the number of service recipients, primary care providers, the number of processed and unprocessed cases as well as overall health analysis results.

A healthcare dashboard

It records health history and notify abnormal health results to caregivers and related caregivers. This makes it possible to track and record symptom inquiries when abnormal health results are found, leading to a quick diagnosis.

Health monitoring 

Care plan entries can be added or edited, and completed care plan entries will be recorded. A new care plan which needs to be implemented will be shown. It helps to prepare the number of personnel in taking care of service recipients effectively.

A list of care plans

Health history and health trends are shown. You can choose to display information in terms of types of health results, agencies, time periods and service recipients.

Personal health records

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Enhanced Performance by Caregiver Solution

This application can help caregivers, health workers or public health volunteers to enhance efficiency of off-site health checks and provides reliable and accurate information. It can also reduce chances of document loss and increase health analysis of service receivers and local people in the community, leading to the development of the best health care.


Data Privacy and Security

We take privacy very seriously under the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (PDPA), so please be assured that all your information will be protected with Cryptography & Cyber Security technology until a consent to data processing for necessary analysis is given.

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