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A smart health data recorder

This is an essential platform for entrepreneurs operating Nursing Home, Senior Village, Senior Complex, Long Stay, and sub-district and provincial public health authorities. It comes with 

a health kit and applications for caregivers, health workers or public health volunteers to enhance efficiency of off-site health checkups and provides reliable and accurate information. It can also reduce chances of document loss and increase health analysis of service receivers and local people in the community, leading to the development of the best health care.

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Save health data automatically

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Able to connect with a variety of medical devices

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Scan your identification OCR to verify your identity

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Easy to save symptom pictures

Able to connect with a variety of medical devices

Health data will be stored securely through the Care Giver application and will be stored in a special immutable database with Personal Health Information Management (PHR) system) under the Digital Healthcare platform, which can exchange information with the medical platform system via the HL7/FHIR standard instantly and safely. There is also a PHR Data Analytics system that monitors anomalies or tendency of anomalies and sends a notification to such person or a doctor who provides advice on health care.

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Heart Rate

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Blood Pressure

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Oxygen Saturation

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Blood Sugar Level

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Body Temperature

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Working more easily with a monthly health check-up planning system

Working will be easier with the features like task assignments for authorities, automatic records of health data while authorities work outside to provide health checkups for community members. Hospitals which provide off-site health checks will be able to bring data back to analyze the overall health of community members and relay information about members who are at risk of various diseases to physicians to prepare treatment.


Care Plan system supports your work efficiently.

This health check-up scheduling system ensures that assigned staff can closely monitor service recipients’ health. You can see an overview of a group’s health checkups via the Dashboard’s display in full dimensions. Also, there is a health notification alert to service recipients who need special care. You can create a list of care plans and assign work to the staff team effectively.

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