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iOrderFresh is an online fresh market where you can buy vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood which are clean, safe, without toxins as well as residues coming with food and also health products, condiments and many seasonal ingredients.

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Taking care of health by eating

iOrder can help you take care of your health by focusing on eating: eating based on DNA, eating based on diseases, or eating based on health conditions. You can be assured that every meal is a source of energy which is definitely beneficial to your health.

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Eating based on DNA

iOrder can connect with your DNA test results via our SmilesDNA service, which can help you design a healthy eating database that is suitable for your health conditions such as certain food allergies you may not be aware of. How well do you digest fat? How sensitive to insulin are you? At the same time, iOrder will provide advice on which ingredients and menus should be avoided and which food menus are suitable for your DNA as well

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Eating based on diseases

iOrder provides a food recommendation system to take care of users with medical conditions. For example, diabetic patients should avoid high-sugar foods (rice, starch, sugar). It also gives advice on food choices that can help reduce blood sugar levels (brown rice, riceberry, ginger, garlic) with reported index of raw materials or compares food menus and put them into percentage to make it easier for users to understand.

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Eating based on health conditions

iOrder has an alternative system for recommending healthy food. You can check details of ingredients and each type of food menus to choose foods that contain kcal at the level that your body needs. The system has recommendations about nutrients in raw ingredients and how many kcal each food menu has. Then it compares them with the kcal that your body should get per day. In addition, the system can also help to analyze your health data in order to help you find raw ingredients and a menu that is suitable for the amount of other nutrients that you should receive, helping you to be healthy by yourself.

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Recording your health data to find the right menu

The health data record has two parts: a record of consumption to summarize as nutrients and a record of activities in calculating energy expenditure in order to recommend the accurate amount of food intake for you. You can record activities manually or use activity logs from HIVE Smart or HIVE Safe instead.

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Over 1,500 items delivered directly from over 200 manufacturers

There are more than 1,500 products in iOrderFresh, mainly agricultural food products, health products divided into vegetables, fruits, both domestic and imported fruits, meat, seafood, processed goods, rice and grains, condiments, bread and bakery, tea, coffee, beverages, herbs, dietary supplements, products and health-related equipment. All come directly from manufacturers such as non-toxic vegetable farms, organic vegetable farms, meat farms that meet the standards such as FDA, Halal GAP, PGS and USDA Organic.

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Farm-to-fork produce or Chef-to-table food often require a minimum order quantity, so consumers cannot order directly from manufacturers. But group purchase will help solve this problem. Groupbuy via iOrder focuses on a group purchase of popular products, premium agriculture, rare products, fresh food, chilled/frozen food that are worth the price by reducing ordering costs, inventory holding costs, and shipping costs.


Free Delivery
with no Minimum

The pilot project of iOrder offers delivery every Saturday.

Every week, the order will close on Thursday at midnight.

2 Channels of Product Delivery

There is weekly delivery service to a community or a pick-up point where there are refrigerated lockers. You can be sure that you will always receive fresh products.

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Home Delivery

There is home delivery within the service area: houses in Bangkok and Chonburi Province, more than 500 communities and at pick-up points where there are FreshBOX refrigerated lockers.

At temperature controlled lockers (FreshBox)

Customers can pick up products at the PTT gas station on the inbound route to Nong Mon. There are 48 service cabinets divided into 8 refrigerators and 40 dry storage cabinets.


iOrder Platform

For Businesses and Organizations

The distribution center platform

This platform helps communities to increase distribution channels by focusing on agricultural products, food, health products both online (via iOrder e-commerce) and offline (via retail store or pickup points as refrigerated lockers so called FreshBOX). In addition, the platform also helps communities, community enterprises, social enterprises, community cooperatives, or interested entrepreneurs to increase operational efficiency and reduce the cost of distributing products from suppliers (farmers/producers) through a network of distribution centers direct to consumers.

Software and Applications
  • E-commerce Sales system via iOrder
  • FreshBOX: Sales system via temperature-controlled lockers 
  • Groupbuy:  Sales system of group purchase  
  • FarmFresh:  Supplier Management System
  • iOrderFresh:  Distribution Center Management System and delivery management
  • iOrderGO: System for freight forwarders 
  • Refrigerators/ freezers
  • Packing equipment / sealing machine
  • Refrigerator cars
  • Temperature-controlled lockers
  • computers, tablets and printers
Human resources
  • Distribution Center Employees (Purchasing and Customer Relations Department)
  • Packing Staff
  • Freight forwarders
Partner operation
  • Publicizing how to sell products and take care of customers within a service area
  • Working with other distribution centers (iOrder DC) to exchange information and deliver goods between centers

The Healthy eating data analysis platform

The platform helps health care centers, fitness and beauty centers, hospitals, clinics to record dietary intake information for service recipients (patients, the elderly, and individuals) by setting data sharing between individuals and health care centers. This includes information on daily energy and nutrient requirements or personal control for each individual. In addition, the platform will help analyze the relationship between the food menu consumed and health indicators in various fields for doctors or health professionals to diagnose and give advice.

Electronic Gadgets
  • Computers and printers.
Software and applications
  • Consumption data logging system of iOrder Healthy eating data analysis system / Individual nutrition has 3 main parts.

  1. Health Profile : shows profile information and health conditions.
  2. Food Diary:  shows daily consumption and nutrients information.
  3. Food AI: shows the relationship between food menus and health indicators.
Human resources
  • Customer relations officers
  • Nutritionists/ Dietitians
  • Doctors or health professionals
Partner operation
  • Provision of training on how to use the platform for stakeholders
  • Publicizing the instructions of the platform to customers
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