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SmilesDNA is a guidelines manual for the healthy lifestyles. 

If you are already in good health, the Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) will improve your understanding and promote your potential to live better health. 

Physiological expression and behaviors are influenced by two main factors


Genetic predispositions, and food and environmental factors. 

We might observe that those who eat well, take good care of their health, and live in a proper environment could be physically healthy. Nevertheless, some still show some signs of illness, despite living in the well-being circumstances. This is caused by genetic predispositions, which function as a map of our bodies to indicate our blue eyes colors, overweight, or allergy. Likewise, we could be unhealthy if we do not live in a good environment, despite our set of good genetic predispositions. We should learn about our body maps; therefore, we can plan for our well-being life that will eventually grant us good health. 

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Understand your DNA with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Techniques

It allows us to get a complete DNA map which covers up to 99% of the total DNA in one's body at approximately 3.6 billion bases. Also, we can opt for only the main trajectory of our DNA map by obtaining only the DNA codes necessary for our daily life (about 2% of the total DNA codes). The result can be a basic guideline for appropriately adjusting our lifestyles to fit our bodies.  

It is the most advanced technology to date. This technique checks out DNA codes and compares them to the result of the majority of the world. This technique can ‘read’ our DNA codes to check whether our genetic predisposition contains some abnormality.

Interpret and analyze the body's response

The system employs DNA data to analyze how your body responds to any nutrients and vitamins to recommend the proper consumption. A different person would reveal different responses. For example, some are too sensitive to caffeine that they could have heart palpitations. Some require special diet due to their personal needs for more vitamins or nutrients. 



Optimal Diet Type 

Alcohol sensitivity 

Caffeine sensitivity

Theophylline sensitivity

Fat sensitivity 

Carbohydrate sensitivity

Salt sensitivity

Coeliac Predisposition 

Lactose Intolerance

Spice sensitivity 

Taste sensitivity

Sweet tooth

Weight Regain

Detox : Toxin generation speed

Detox : Cruciferous Vegetable Needs

It can perform the DNA analysis of up to 595 types of your DNA.
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iOrder an application that recommends a perfect match between your DNA and recommended nutrients

Who is SmilesDNA
suitable for? 


For a child, DNA testing allows us to learn about the risk for possible genetic diseases, kinds of food that promote physical and intellectual development, or kinds of food that might cause future allergies and sickness. 


It would facilitate the health of the working-age group in terms of exercise, nutrition, and future family plans. 


For this group, DNA testing helps suggest a proper amount of food. Using the result, they can increase or decrease their consumption of some food to promote a good diet, reduce the disease risk, or ease the symptoms of certain diseases.


Certified with CAP/CLIS standards, SmilesDNA by Kin-Yoo-Dee Platform employs the most advanced technology equivalent to overseas services by bioinformatics experts. Also, the laboratories are certified by international standards.
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